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Environment Artist at Pure FPS, 7 months (2014)

Creating all purpose game assets, modular as well as unique or gameplay. Working closely with level designers we bring to life Alone in the Dark: Illumination - the sixth instalment of Atari game series developed by Pure FPS.

Environment Artist at EBB Software, 6 months (2013)

I was there to create environment-gameplay assets based on concept art for game demo. The game has specific level building system, non-repetitive, all-unique design, so it was a quite challenge.

Lead Weapons Artist at Plastic Piranha, 1 year and 5 months (2011-2012)

My role as a weapon artist was to make AAA quality, high and low resolution models, photo-realistic textures and Unreal Engine 3 materials. Made 90 percent of all weapons in game, each weapon is optimized for 1st and 3rd person view and has five types of camouflage skins. Images below are some of the weapons that I made.